27 May 2017

More than an old car #6: Peugeot 304

I was quite fortunate to be able to capture this exquisite yellow prince. Seeing it here in Singapore was really a treat, especially when its kind was the rarest. Let me introduce you to the the Peugeot 304 Cabriolet, of which only 2 exist here currently.

For the uninitiated, Peugeot is a French car maker, which was founded by Emile Peugeot in 1810. However, it started out as a factory making bicycles and coffee mills. It is commonly known as the 'car with the lion' as the lion is Peugeot's logo.

The Peugeot 304 was first introduced in 1969 and it came in various forms--a 4-door sedan, 2-door coupe and cabriolet and even a 2-door van. The styling features were by Pininfarina, an Italian car design firm who also created the unique Ferrari designs. As a result, there was a classy feel to the car and this attracted many people who desired spacious cars to park in their driveways.

It was equipped with an I4 engine [4-cylinder engine] and it was capable of reaching 160 km/h--a boon to users who wanted to travel at high speeds along the newly-built expressways that were opening up France at that time. Only 3.76 m long and weighing in at 895 kg, it proved to be very economical and hence a best-seller.

However, around 19,000 cabriolets like the one in the picture were made and of which, only 836 were manufactured in right-hand drive for the UK market. Around 100 still remain today. I am not sure whether this came from the UK or whether it was an organic import due to the original-registration number plate. Remarkably, it is still normally-registered with the original Corn Yellow paint scheme. Whatever it is, this is rarer than hen's teeth and it could be auspicious if you see one!

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