22 May 2017

More than an old car #4: Toyota Sports 800

At first glance, it is difficult to determine what sort of car is this due to the lack of logos at the front. Yet, this small little thing is almost as old as our country and it is the Toyota Sports 800.

Production of the Sports 800 began in 1965. It had a lift-out roof panel, commonly known as a targa top and it was capable of hitting 160 km/h. It was powered by a 0.8l 2U engine [2-cylinder engine]. Not very fast, you may agree, but remember that it was in the 1960s. Overall, the Sports 800 weighed only 600 kg and 3.58 m long, giving it a 'shy-new-kid-at-school' look. You can see the size difference in the photo when compared to the other vehicles beside it.

Only 3131 were made but around 10% still exist, and most of it are in Japan. This specimen here was previously owned by a couple back in 1971, who was working at the Toyota dealership in Singapore at that time. However, it seemed to be put on sale a few years ago. Although the number plate is still registered under the car, I do not know who the current owner is. Yet, I believe that you can spot it from a mile away given how easily it stands out from the crowd. 

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