17 April 2021

More than an old car #169: Daimler Six


It is not surprising that car manufacturers have created various sub-brands to cater to different target audiences. Jaguar went the less common route by acquiring Daimler back then, but it still continues to captivate people with this 1996 Daimler Six!

The Jaguar X300 series of cars, introduced in 1994 at the Paris Motor Show, was the first XJ series produced under Ford ownership. It was the result of an extensive facilities renewal program by Ford: for instance, there were state-of-the-art body welding robots used in production of the car bodies. Externally, the bonnet became more curved to accommodate the 4 separate round headlamps and the bumpers were now integrated with the body.

4 different engines were used: 3.2 litres, 4.0 litres (turbocharged and non-turbocharged) and a 6.0 litre V12. However, these engines were used in a variety of trim levels, along with a long-wheelbase version which appeared in 1995 (known internally as the X330). The Daimler name was used for the highest trim level of the X300, featuring chrome door mirrors, door handles and a fluted grille surround. Models with the 4 litre engine were known as the Daimler Six while those with the 6 litre engine were known as the Daimler Double Six. 

It was powered by a 3980 cc AJ16 inline-6 engine, allowing it to reach a top speed of 232 km/h with an acceleration of 8.1 seconds [0-100 km/h]. Being the LWB version, it was 5149 mm long and weighed 1825 kg, with a fuel consumption of 10.6 litres / 100 km.

Production of the X300 ended in 1997 with 92,038 made, where it was succeeded by the X308 series. Out of these, only 1,330 were the Daimler Six in LWB, which makes it surprisingly rare. An estimated 3 Daimler Sixes still exist here including this one. The fact that I saw this unit a few times is a pleasant surprise especially when they become unicorns in this country. Daimler were positioned for the people who wanted more exclusivity from common Jaguars, but not shell out too much for such privilege. I'm sure you'll get to see this some day! 

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