2 April 2021

More than an old car #168: Honda S800


I have been focused on mainly continental brands, and perhaps it is time to shift my content back to something more Asia-centric...anyway, here's a 1967 Honda S800 from my archives in 2014, and as you can see picture quality leaves much to be desired..

The S800, first introduced at the 1965 Tokyo Auto Show, was the successor to the S600 and competed with the likes of small sports cars such as the MG Midget and Triumph Spitfire. The noticeable differences were a different grille shape compared to the S600, a larger engine and a power bulge on the hood, which served an aesthetic purpose only. 

The potent engine was also high-revving to the point that it was described as the fastest production 1-litre car in the world back in 1967. Early examples (about 1,600 cars) featured a chain drive and independent suspension up to 1968, when subsequent units featured a conventional drive-shaft and disc brakes. In 1968, the S800M was released for the domestic market, featuring side marker lights on the outside and flush-mounted interior door handles. While these changes were geared for the American market, they were not exported there officially.

The S800 was powered by a 791 cc AS800E i4 engine, allowing it to reach a top speed of 160 km/h with an acceleration of 13.5 seconds [0-100 km/h]. It was 3335 mm long and weighed 720 kg, with a fuel consumption of 8.6 litres/100 km

Production of the S800 ended in 1970 with 11,536 units made. Honda did not make another S roadster for nearly 30 years until the S2000. This unit does not seem to exist here anymore, although I am aware of a newly-imported coupe that is currently here. I regret not taking better shots of it when it resided in the area up till 2016, where it was owned by a Japanese man. That being said, having a scuffed shot is still better than nothing, and perhaps you may get to see the existing ones soon!

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