21 June 2018

More than an old car #73: Morris Eight Series 2

The beauty of car-spotting in Singapore is that you never know what kind of cars you may end up finding. I was just doing a casual spotting session when I came across this pretty old car, which I could not recognise immediately. Having seen so many cars throughout the years, I would daresay I can identify them almost all of them. A quick check on the number plate and some sleuthing around revealed that it was a 1938 Morris Eight Series 2 saloon.

The Morris Eight was first introduced in 1935, where it was inspired by the popularity of the Ford Model Y. It was targeted at the average man with a family, although its small dumpy shape didn't really convince people about its surprising hardiness. The Series 2 was produced with disc [Easiclean] wheels compared to the wire-spoked ones, although everything else was unchanged. It was let down by its engine: a 918cc Type UB straight-4 engine that allowed it to reach a top speed of 60 mph and an acceleration of 37 seconds [0-60 mph].

Production of the Series 2 ended in 1938 itself with 54,000 made, although the entire Morris Eight line ended in 1954. They have become greatly loved by enthusiasts worldwide because of its reliable nature and it brought the pleasures of motoring in the Thirties. How this specimen ended up here is a mystery, though I believe it had been brought in a long time ago. You don't see cars from the 30s running about here and it is certainly a classic that you shouldn't miss!


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