6 May 2022

Miscellaneous classics #9: Daihatsu Delta

It has been a while since I wrote about non-car vehicles. Being enamoured with all things angular/squarish, I had always wanted to write about this 1985 Daihatsu Delta V78 ever since I saw it!

The Daihatsu Delta was a rebodied version of the U10 Toyota Dyna and was first introduced in 1970. Daihatsu had previously entered into a business alliance with Toyota Motor Corporation in 1967 and naturally, the Delta shared many parts with its brother car Dyna. The 3rd generation Delta appeared in 1984: it differed from the Y50 Dynas by its 4 rectangular headlights compared to round headlights, although the Dynas received quad rectangular headlights in 1989. Interestingly, there was also a van version of the Delta: it was essentially a truck chassis fused with a typical van.

Various versions with different cab sizes and functions were released. This unit, known as the V78 Delta was powered by a 3431 cc Toyota 3B i4 engine. It had dimensions of 4695 x 1695 x 1995 mm with a weight of 2360 kg.

Production of the 3rd-generation Delta ended in 1995, though it was continued to be made exclusively for export markets with a facelift to the grille. It was only in 2010 that production stopped entirely. A small handful of Deltas still remain here, with some still seeing usage as tow trucks. This particular unit has an interesting history: it was previously owned by a Hindu temple services company specifically to tow a silver chariot during certain Hindu festivals. Despite sporting an early 90s number plate, it is noted that the original registration was in 1986: it is likely that it could have towed cars before being converted.

While old trucks do not get the same amount of love and affection from many others, I have tried to bring a spotlight on them all this while. I hope that next time, you might be able to recognise them for their role in our motoring heritage!

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