24 January 2020

More than an old car #130: Triumph TR3

With the massive backlog of cars that I have to write about, I have chosen to try to feature cars that I have seen in different events/contexts over the years. This 1959 Triumph TR3A that I saw is hopefully a interesting car that most people would not be aware of!

The TR3 was a sports car made by the Standard-Triumph Motor Company, which was first introduced in 1955. It succeeded the TR2, where it featured greater power and improved braking. Many reviewers praised its smooth and powerful engine and the ease of gear changing. As such, it proved popular in rally races and hill climbs.

In 1957, the TR3 underwent a facelift, featuring a wider grille and exterior door handles among other updates. As such, though the actual name did not change, the facelifted model was unofficially known as the TR3A. Another version, known as the TR3B, was offered concurrently with the TR4 in 1961, as it was feared people would not welcome the new model. It was powered by a 1991 cc Standard i4 engine, allowing it to reach a top speed of 164 km/h with an acceleration of 12.55 seconds [0-60 mph]. It was 3835 mm long and weighed 916 kg, with a fuel consumption rate of 11.9 litres/100 km.

Production of the TR3 ended in 1962, where it was replaced by the TR4. About 74,800 units were made, of which 58,236 was the 'TR3A'. It is estimated that only around 9,500 of TR3As still exist today, making this one a nice rarity. I believe there are a few units here, but more uniquely, this one has been in Singapore since day one! TR3s were first sold in the Malayan republic [before Singapore became independent] in 1957 by Federated Motors Limited. This unit appears once a while, and I understand it has changed ownership recently, featuring a new number plate. It is always nice to see less conventional little British cars such as this, and it still looks as stunning as ever. I hope you will be able to catch it on the road soon!

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