11 February 2019

More than an old car #94: Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

It is no surprise that Rolls Royce (RR) often takes the lead in combining luxury and sophistication in its vehicles. They are built in such a way that compels you to pay attention to its elegance and huge size, including this 1961 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 2!

The Silver Cloud was first produced in 1955 and was the main flagship model of RR during the post-war years. It was the last RR car to have a body-on-frame construction, ie a fixed chassis with the car body being designed by various coachbuilders. However, the majority were built with a standard-sized steel body shell, while the doors and front hood were made from an aluminium-based alloy. The Silver Cloud 2 was externally identical to its earlier version, the Silver Cloud 1, except with a more powerful 6230 cc V8 engine. This allowed the car to reach a top speed of 166 km/h, with an acceleration of 13.5 seconds [0-100 km/h]. Considering that it was 5378 mm long and weighed 2113 kg, its performance is considered impressive.

Production of the Silver Cloud ended in 1966. Out of the 7,372 that were made, 2,417 were the Silver Cloud 2. This unit belongs to the Fullerton Hotel, and it is only used to ferry important personages or as a wedding car. I am aware of 3 other units here and they are not spotted often. What is more impressive is that it still has a regular car plate, meaning it bears the full amount of road tax amounting to more than $7000! On the other hand, it would be just a small trifle in the hotel's profitability. Rarely will you get to come across such a stunning car like this, so drop by Fullerton Hotel to check it out!

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