1 October 2018

More than an old car #82: Lotus Eclat

It has been a while since I wrote about classic Lotuses in Singapore. Generally, Lotuses are not that common but you may see the Elise out on our roads most frequently. Somehow, I like to cover cars that are not put up behind barriers and polished--rather than being protected, cars should be driven frequently and show signs of being well-worn. I had seen this 1981 Lotus Eclat S2 before, but this time I was rewarded with a better close-up picture of this unique fellow!

The Lotus Eclat was based off the previous Lotus Elite and it was supposed to be a sporty coupe with a dash of practicality. Colin Chapman, the owner of Lotus, and chief designer Oliver Winterbottom merged the front end of the Elite with a sloping roofline and a conventional hatch for more luggage space. Incidentally, "eclat" is French for "splinter", and it certainly splintered people's impression of Lotus at that time. There were 2 engines offered along with a few trim levels: first editions were called the S1 (Type 76), which appeared in 1975 and the S2 (Type 84) was introduced in 1980.
This unit was equipped with a 2174 cc Lotus 912 i4 engine and a 3-speed automatic transmission, allowing it to reach a top speed of 198 km/h and an acceleration of 8.2 seconds [0-100 km/h]. It was 4458 mm long and weighed 1180 kg.

Production of the Eclat stopped in 1982, and out of the ~2200 made, only 223 were the S2 (Type 84). Of these 223 cars, 76 units were the special-edition Riviera, featuring multiple bonnet vents and a rear spoiler. Thus we have 147 'standard' Type 84s that were ever made!
According to its engine number, it was equipped with air-conditioning and power-assisted steering, and was made in March 1981. Apparently, its number plate had been changed to a more period-correct one as well. This unit is an original Singapore model--they were sold here by a local distributor back in 1981! It seems that this is also the only one left on our roads as well. I find it impressive that the owner has continued to keep this less well-known Lotus, where it can still grace its presence in Singapore. Considering its rarity, it is really interesting to see one here and I hope you can see it someday!


  1. Amazing condition, probably one of the nicest ones anywhere since they are often in not great condition in the UK.

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  3. Hi Jimmy, is this eclat or any other out there possibly be available for sale?