10 September 2018

More than an old lorry #2: Mitsubishi L200

Mitsubishi is pretty well-known here, but as with my previous post on the Toyota Dyna, I feel compelled not to forget the workhorses among us like this 2000 Mitsubishi L200 lorry. And no, I'm not trolling if you expected to see more conventional cars instead...

The L200 is a pick-up truck that has been made since 1978, and you may also see the present version, known as the Mitsubishi Triton. This unit over here is the predecessor of the Triton, also known as the Strada [Italian for "road"]. 2 generations were made, although this one was the export market version. Typically, the trucks that were made had off-road capabilities and were much larger in size. Interestingly, all the L200s since then have been made in Thailand. It is powered by a 2477 cc 4D56 i4 engine and was 4890 mm long. It weighed 1390 kg while unladen and had a maximum laden weight of 2550 kg. As with all lorries here, it can carry up to 6 people at the back: the shelter and guard rails are required by law to make it more safe for the people behind.

If you observe the lorries more carefully, you would realise that the older ones are not as common as you think. Since vehicles with the G plate can only be driven for 20 years, this one here may be taken off the road very soon. It is also a shame that they can only be registered by businesses, since I believe there are private buyers out there who would love this gem. Just try to see as many of them before they disappear from the roads, but at least I have preserved a snapshot for future viewers...

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