31 May 2018

More than an old car #68: Mercedes C107 450 SLC

All of you would be familiar with the Mercedes brand, although not necessarily all its models. I do not know about you, but perhaps you may have seen a similarly-shaped old Mercedes out and about. This specimen here is not just another old car, but a 1978 Mercedes C107 450 SLC.

Back in 1971, Mercedes produced two different models, namely the R107/SL 2-seater and the C107/SLC 4-seater. The SLC was the first time Mercedes had based a coupe off a roadster platform rather than a sedan. SLCs were only available in coupe format while its shorter sibling had both coupe and convertible versions. A clear identifying sign was the louvres at the rear pillar. It was powered by a 4520cc M117 V8 engine, allowing it to reach a top speed of 215 km/h with an acceleration of 9.3 seconds [0-100km/h]. It was 4.75 m long and weighed 1630 kg.

Production of the 450 SLC ended in 1980 with 31,739 made. I have seen quite a few of its less powerful sibling, the 280 SLC but this seems to be the only one here. This specimen is still sporting UK plates--it has been imported here most likely for restoration. However, nothing has happened to it for at least 2 years already. I do not know what the owner here is planning to do with it, but I hope s/he will revive it to traverse our roads, which is what it was destined for!

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