19 February 2018

More than an old car #55: Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit 2

I admit Rolls-Royce models are always a sight to behold, even for the newer models. It can somehow demand you to take a second, or third look--the sleekness of the exterior, its imposing size, and even the customised interior. It is interesting to note that no two RRs are alike as each model is made according to customers' specifications. It is on this note that I want to introduce you to this stately 1992 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit 2.

The Silver Spirit was first introduced in 1980 as the first of a new generation of models. It carried over styling similarities with the previous Silver Shadow [which I covered back then]--new changes included a more rounded and less upright appearance. Furthermore, it was the first car to have the disappearing Spirit of Ecstasy logo, which could sink into the radiator shell. The 2nd-generation Silver Spirit was first made in 1989 and it featured an active suspension system, where the vertical wheel height was adjusted along with the road's condition. It was powered by a 6750cc RR L410 V8 engine, allowing it to reach a top speed of 202km/h with an acceleration of 10.6 seconds [0-100km/h]. It was 5.27m long and weighed a whopping 2350kg.

Production ended in 1995 with 1152 made, of which only 417 were in RHD. There seems to be at least 3 other specimens here based on my knowledge. I specifically chose this as its nice number plate coincides with my 55th post! I'm really grateful for all your continued support and do stay tuned to more cars coming your way!


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